Holiday party trends…

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 3 decades, primarily in the catering/banquet part of the industry. I can say that this is where I’ve noticed the most change through the years. I remember the days when companies would spare no expense a hosting large, elaborate Christmas/Holiday parties for their employees and clients. Boy have those days changed! The first decline came right after 9/11; understandably, no one was in the mood to celebrate anything that holiday season. That trend became the norm in years to follow, companies started having smaller, less extravagant events. Then came the market downturn/crisis of 2008, this had the largest impact on the industry. One company after another started calling to cancel their annual celebrations. A few went ahead with the parties but scaled down the numbers invited and the menus tremendously.

So what’s the industry like in 2016? Well, fortunately, some companies still have events for their employees but it’s certainly not the majority that do. I find that smaller, privately owned companies tend to still offer this perk to their employees. But what I see mostly at Mamma Vittoria is smaller celebrations often hosted by the employees themselves who just want to get together with their co-workers and celebrate. We host many such events in December and January; offering various menus from simple to extravagant–we are also byob–another factor that keeps the cost down. Terrazzo4